The ROC Solar Initiative- There is still time.

The ROC Solar Iniative that pays you back in so many ways when you decide to install Solar Energy for your Home or Business

With Over 5000 Installations of Solar Panels on Northern Ireland Homes and Businesses we’d like to let you know the ROC Initiative for Solar PV Panels will end March 31st 2017 which lays out one of the best routes for installing Solar Energy.

Renewable Obligation Certificates for Solar Panels wil run right up till March 31st so there is still time for us to get you signed up.

You can still buy Solar Panels and Install Energy from us after and we will still be around of course- for the next 20 years at least to honour our comittments to you and other Solar Users. The window to benefits from the ROC is closing and here are some reasons to consider signing up and how we can best guide you through the process. 

1- ROC on a 4kw Basic system can generate an income back to you of £675 per annum, based on 70% useage. The system is installed professionally and up and running for circa £5k. 
2- Most Houses Will Qualify in NI! Our surveyors will find a way to get the Solar Panels installed for best use. 
3- Once we have surveyed your property and provided a free quote the decision is then yours to move forward. 
4-  You will ensure Independence from Increasing Costs of Producing Electricity with enduring and reliable Solar Panels professionally installed.
5- Produce Clean Renewable Energy as a comittment to the Environment and Green Statement. 
6-  You can be sure of Professional  and Courteous Service and Handling from NI’s most trusted Solar Energy Installation Firm with trained and experienced Experts.

Our Team are ready to take your call and Guide You through the Process.  To contact me or any of my team please call 0800 999 3534 or email and we will guide you through a FREE survey and quote to a solution that suits your needs. We have done this many many times and will have you hooked up in no time at all.  Our offices are open Monday- Friday 9-5 but please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or email. 

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how so many other Households have made the beneficial switch to Solar Energy already and are saving for their family and futures. 

Thank You, 

Grainne Sands,
Operations Manager
POB Solar NI