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With over 25,000 Households in the UK enjoying Renewable Solar Energy, Paul O’Brien Solar Installations is proud to be able to reduce the electricity bills of Northern Ireland. Residential or Commercial, Bungalow or School, Farm or Factory alike can have Solar. All you need is a suitable southerly roof to start enjoying the benefits of Solar Energy.

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Our Philosophy

At Paul O’Brien Solar we are Passionate about renewable energy. We want to make a difference.

We are completely focused on designing and installing the very best renewable products, and along with our unique partners we are among the leading providers of solar systems to the residential and commercial sector across Northern Ireland.

What they say about us!

  • The job they done was perfect for our roof and it has even prompted some of our staff to go down the solar route. I couldn’t fault anything from the price to the quality of the job.

  • The Installation went quickly and smoothly. The installers were all very polite and professional. The system has performed better than I expected and has represented a good Return on Investment.

  • Our business decided to go for Solar due to rising electricity costs . We received quotes from many company’s and found the quality of Paul O Briens products and price the most competitive.

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What we can offer you

Renewable Energy Northern Ireland

Own and produce your own Energy instanly and add value to your Home or Business property

Solar Energy On Your Home or Business from as £15 pm. The installation,service and maintenance is absolutely free and you save instantly.

Biomass Boilers have been around for many years, other countries across the continent have had them installed for many years.

Discover the Benefits of going Solar

We’re giving away a FREE pdf download stating all the benefits of going solar with P.O.B Solar!