Best Renewable Fuels

Best Renewable Fuels

Best Renewable Fuels to Heat your Home or Business

Quality of life is important to us all and we recgonise when investment heightens that. Investing in Renewable Energy at home or the workplace instantly improves our quality of life and speaks volumes about how we perceive and contribute to the environment. Here are some prompts of some systems available


If you are looking for an entire heating system that will be efficient and environmentally friendly then you may want to take a look at geothermal heating. The thinking behind the system is simple. Forced air systems have to heat the air from outside up to a comfortable level, whereas a geothermal system uses the temperature of the earth, which never changes, to heat your home. Since the temperature stays high deep down in the ground, less energy is needed in order to heat the air that is then circulated around your home.


Solar energy is another great form of renewable energy. It is certainly one of the most popular right now, and with good reason. Although there is an upfront cost, which there will be with any renewable fuel source, after the installation is complete you will have free heating for the rest of your life – or at least until you move to a new home. You can choose to use a solar based system that uses air, or a system that heats liquid via a hydronic collector. Either way, the end result will be free heat, which is literally the lowest cost of energy that you will ever find!

Pellet Stoves

Another choice for heating is the pellet stove. These look very similar to wood stoves, but they burn pellets that can be made out of switchgrass or sawdust. Both of these resources are easily found, either as waste or specially grown. They are incredibly efficient, allowing you to heat your home without using as much fuel as a wood stove would. In fact, smaller homes can sometimes be heated with just one pellet stove, whereas a larger home will only require two.

Masonry Heater

Finally, if you like the idea of a stove but want something that is a bit more efficient, you may want to look into a masonry heater. These produce a great deal of heat without as much pollution as a wood or pellet stove, and can be incorporated into your home design so that they appear to be a fireplace. They generally have a small firebox that is covered with firebrick, and smoke channels that run throughout the structure. The bricks are heated and then in turn release heat out into the home. While they do require wood, they use much less of it than any other type of stove or heater, because they burn at a very slow rate.