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Rising Business Electricity Costs?

Whilst You May Have Solar And Independence Be Careful Of Rising Electricity Costs On Your Home or Business.

Having successfully installed or considering Solar Energy as a supplement to your home or business electricity costs is both an initiative that will reward you personally but also maintain margins within your business, let alone make a positive green statement.

So we have that covered but what about any excess and potential of rising costs from my pre exisiting Electricity Provider? We hear you loud and clear.

That’s why we have a provider who can look at the best Electricity Contract for your Home or […] Read more

The ROC Solar Initiative- There is still time.

The ROC Solar Iniative that pays you back in so many ways when you decide to install Solar Energy for your Home or Business

With Over 5000 Installations of Solar Panels on Northern Ireland Homes and Businesses we’d like to let you know the ROC Initiative for Solar PV Panels will end March 31st 2017 which lays out one of the best routes for installing Solar Energy.

Renewable Obligation Certificates for Solar Panels wil run right up till March 31st so there is still time for us to get you signed up.

You can still buy Solar Panels and Install Energy […] Read more

Making The Most Out Of Your Solar Panels For Your Home Or Business

Making the Most out of Solar Energy For Your Home Or Business With POB Solar NI

If you are considering Solar Energy for your Home or Business in addition to the savings you will make immediatley there are some changes that you can make to maximise the use of the clean renewable power you produce. With over 5000 installations in Northern Ireland we have succesfully completed we’d like to share some top tips with you.

1- Your Panels give you energy in daylight not just sunlight so you do get renewable energy all year round, despite our climate!
2- Using appliances that require […] Read more

Top 5 Reasons Our Clients Invest in Solar Energy


With Over 5000 Installations of Solar Panels on Northern Ireland Homes and Businesses we naturally have some feedback and we’d like to share that with you if you are considering Solar Energy or even referring a friend or family member to install Solar Panels for their Home or Business.

1- Save On Electricity Bills For You and Your Familly instantly upon installation.
2- Potentially Increase The Value of Your Home or Property with Solar Energy.
3- Independence from Increasing Costs of Producing Electricity with enduring and reliable Solar Panels professionally installed.
4- Produce Clean Renewable Energy as a comittment to the Environment and Green […] Read more

Best Renewable Fuels

Best Renewable Fuels

Best Renewable Fuels to Heat your Home or Business

Quality of life is important to us all and we recgonise when investment heightens that. Investing in Renewable Energy at home or the workplace instantly improves our quality of life and speaks volumes about how we perceive and contribute to the environment. Here are some prompts of some systems available


If you are looking for an entire heating system that will be efficient and environmentally friendly then you may want to take a look at geothermal heating. The thinking behind the system is simple. Forced air systems have to heat the air from […] Read more

A Brief History of Renewable Energy

A Brief History of Renewable Energy

History of Renewable Energy

At POB Solar NI we are passionate about Renewable energy. In today’s modern world, people are rightly concerned about finding new sources of renewable energy. With so many of our non-renewable resources expected to dry up over the next 25 years, the focus has shifted from just preservation to replacement. However, finding a replacement for non-renewable resources such as fuel and electricity has not been as simple as it sounds. The following is a brief history of the quest to isolate renewable resources that will allow us to maintain our quality of life as we know it […] Read more